T-Splines for Rhino

 I introduce a useful plugin for Rhino ceros. This plugin help people with modeling easily and quickly.

Organic modeling for Rhino users     
The most powerful tools for organic modeling for Rhino users.

Making something organic or freeform?
Save time and reduce your costs. Model it with T-Splines for Rhino!
Design while you model.

Make revisions in minutes, not hours.

Easily make smooth transitions and blends.

Save time with powerful T-Spline features.

Use familiar Rhino commands to edit your T-Spline model.

All this, at a very affordable price!

Design while you model
Traditionally, designing in Rhino has meant laying out curves that represent the critical shape of your model, creating surfaces from the curves, blending the surfaces together, then inevitably realizing you'd like to tweak something. So, you go back to the curves, make some changes, build up the surfaces again, make sure your blends still work with the new surfaces, and then realize that you're a lot closer. Just a few more changes are needed. So you go back to the curves...

With T-Splines for Rhino, you can still start by laying out curves and making a surface. However, rather than returning to the beginning of the process to make tweaks, you can actually explore design iterations by pushing and pulling the surface! This is a revolutionary way to model, and it's very effective, especially for organic forms.

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