alcatel head office


portugese studio FVArquitectos has completed 'alcatel head office', the corporate headquarters for the telecommunication brand of the same name. located in cascais, portugal, the design is purist in its form, concealing almost entirely the organization and complexity of space inside.

resting at a slight incline, the structure pierces through the landscape, propped into the sky by what appears to be a single sculptural staircase. abstractly mechanical is its appearance, the single volume is twofold in appearance, with contrasting surfaces that relate to the serenity or hustle of the nearby environment. 

a network of ramps, bridges and sunken passageways line both sides the unit, connecting various functions while creating a series of diverse transition spaces. looking to merge interior and exterior environments, the unit features a series of protruding and receding volumes that lie within the recessed, moat-like voids.  

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